Kim is a certified Pilates instructor. She was classically trained as a 3rd generation teacher in New York City in Joe Pilates’ authentic method, on all apparatus, in 2007.   Personally, Pilates brought Kim back to life after years of battling recurring stress fractures in her spine from ballet, and she has been obsessed ever since.  As a physical therapist and dancer, she finds the human body to be the most wondrous thing, and loves that she can heal and maximize her body through movement!  With her medical background, Kim has a unique ability to watch for and create modifications for injuries, as well as to use Pilates to rehabilitate injuries, so it is a safe workout.  She is delighted to offer you this priceless gift of being comfortable and confident in your body through spinal stabilization work.

Onsite Kim has Pilates equipment such as a reformer, tower and Wunda chair, and the capacity for duets in office.

Virtually, Kim teaches a weekly open-level Pilates mat class at 9:30am Wednesdays and 8:20am Fridays.  Please message through the contact information to get the link for Google Meet.

Please join me! We’ve all had to get used to this strange new virtual world, and one silver lining for me is that I’ve been able to reach more of you virtually, when in the past, hectic work schedules and caregiving and travel made it impossible.


I teach an open-level fundamentals Pilates class that focuses on correct muscle activation and alignment of the spine.  A fundamentals class is by no means an easy class.  Regardless of your Pilates experience or level of fitness, you will greatly benefit from adding this approach to your life.  It is great for beginners (though I require one private lesson to get oriented first), for more experienced practitioners who wish to refine and hone their technique in order to advance, and for very active people who are struggling to get to the next level of fitness. Since I am a practicing physical therapist, this class is also great for people with injuries who are nervous about getting hurt through exercise.  I limit class size so that I can have my eyes on each and every one of you to ensure perfect form.  And it’s fun!


Over the 17 years I’ve been practicing and teaching Pilates, I have become more and more passionate about the benefits of Pilates for pain-free living.  I have found no other form of exercise that addresses this as well, and it compliments my work as a physical therapist beautifully.  This practice addresses alignment and posture, activation of the abdominals and pelvic floor, strength of the entire torso/shoulders/ hips (all of which I call “core”), balance of strength to flexibility, coordination of movement benefiting the brain and nervous system, breath work, and mindfulness.  All of this improves speed and agility, rehabs injuries, and reduces injury risk.  Seriously… it does all this!  Please try it!

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